DKK 269.900
Ny Maxima 620 Retro Tender med Mercury 20 hk 4-takt - masser af udstyr
En ægte liebhaverbåd i en klasse for sig selv. Oser af luksus og kvalitet og appellerer til hygge på. vandet..
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Maxima 620 tender is completely new in form and layout. A sleek smooth hull with an integrated cabling and an integrated swimming platform. Chic steps in the back of the boat. Standard a stainless steel strip as protection for the bathing platform. The swim platform is ideal if you want to swim, but it also offers protection against the propeller of the motor. The swimming platform is also very useful for boarding and disembarking. Because the engine is mounted in the bun, this ensures a huge noise reduction. So enjoy the tendersloop.

This sloop is also fast-moving, the underwatership is extremely suitable for this and with up to 60 hp of power, your sailing area is a lot bigger. But also the slow sailing makes this boat excellent. stable, stable and good visibility ensure that you feel extremely comfortable while sailing.

Sloops and tenders by Maxima Boats
You are looking for a boat that has both sporty and relaxing features. Not many boats meet this requirement, but the boats and tenders from Maxima Boats do. A sloop or tender is a boat of reasonable size, with which you can spend a day on the water with the family to enjoy the surroundings and the peace that you experience when you are on the water. This feeling is of course only enhanced because you experience this on a high-quality and luxurious sloop or tender from the Dutch brand Maxima Boats.

Top quality through years of experience
The Maxima Boats tenders and sloops are not for nothing known for their high quality and beautiful robust appearance. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Maxima Boats knows exactly what you need. The boats are carefully built with a view to practical space. There is enough space for your chemical toilet, sunbed and large cooling unit. So you can go to the water for a whole day, without having to worry about having to stop somewhere in between. There is plenty of room on a Maxima Boats tender, so you and your family can enjoy a wonderful day on the water without worries.

Why choose Maxima Boats sloops and tenders
The boats are built by experienced boat builders with years of experience. Use is only made of products with a high degree of quality, which are cleverly purchased to keep the price low. This way you can expect a boat with a very competitive price-quality ratio. The underwater hull of the Maxima Boats sloops and tenders is uniquely designed, making all models comfortable to sail, both at high and low speed. After a day of sailing, it sometimes happens that you suffer from your back, but with a Maxima boat this will be a lot less. There are ergonomic sitting positions and the skipper can steer the boat while sitting or standing.


  Søsat / Årgang 2022
  Længde i fod 20,20
  Bredde i meter 2,30
  Vægt 840 kg
  Motor Mercury 20 hk 4-takt elstart powertrim og elktronisk benzinindsprøjtning
  Benzintank Indbygget tank
  Type Tender
  Last 8-10 personer
  Motor HK 20 hk
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